Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Things are really starting to happen....

We went out to Marriott Waters last week, just after I got back from sunny Queensland (let's say I had a t-shirt on departure, and a jacket on arrival !).

Paul and Jason doing the obvious !

The land from the other side of the road

We have another meeting pencilled in this week at the office, which is a 'last chance' look over the contract to make any changes if needed without incurring variation fees, so we're going to go over the plans with eagle eyes, but it should be all good.

The only thing that may change is the garage door - we want to put a Decro door in, but if it's going to be out of budget, there's a wood look Colorbond door that's just as good.   We're just waiting for the final site costs to come in, that's the only thing stopping the process going at full steam.  More soon.

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Anonymous said...

Your front garden is coming along nicely. ;)

Paul and Jason said...

Hehehe....well we got our site costs back today - $1,400 less than we thought - that's how flat it is :)

There's a bit of rubbish which we'll move, and the pegs are slightly out, but should be fun to landscape the front - trying not to go for retaining walls though !

what's with the tiny font!!

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