Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bricks, Bricks, Bricks - and a quick visit to Hels'n'Greg !

Well today was a pretty s**t day to be outdoors, and because a planned BBQ for Marriot residents didn't go ahead, we thought we'd go down anyway and have a look at the Austral Brick showroom off the Westernport Hwy. To our surprise it was open, although there is a 24 hour section, but methinks that consists of about 10 small brick walls, of which 2 were knocked over, hmmm :(

So, the thoughts are angling towards a brown/red brick. If you had to put a percentage on it, I'd say 70% brown, 30% red - something with a bit of light and shade, and not straight out one color. The rolled mortar, a bit off white will help too.

We also dropped in on Greg from Hels'n'Greg (Home One Forum and their own blog, listed on the right) - he showed us through the PD home they bought, roof is up and was doing some speaker wiring (with permission, of course !) - very impressive.

Here's what we looked at (apologies if we took a photo of your house at Marriott Waters !):

Blackwood - Builders Range - This one ain't too bad - it's got magnesium through it, so a bit more costly....

Austral Newport - Nice, but is an upgrade if we choose.

Austral - Homestead Red - It's too red !

One of the houses being built at Marriott Waters - now this is more like it ! A bit of both shades, not too dark.

Austral/Bristile - have quite a bit selection - aiming towards a grey/gunmetal roof tile like this...

If not, something like this might look good too.

This is a nice looking paver that would be good for the backyard from the garage to the patio area.

Finally, the end of Brookwater Boulevard, and straight ahead it will eventually (by August now, delays unfortunately) - meet up with Melada Parade, it looks like they're going to build a bridge over the wetlands here.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Paperwork back from conveyancer !

Got home from after getting my car serviced (goodbye $544 !), and saw a rolled up yellow A4 envelope in the letterbox, or at least where the papers go - remind me to divert everything off to the PO Box !

Opened it up, discovered the conveyancer has done a bit of work in the background (considering it's been quiet on all other fronts) and told us:

* The cost to utilise them (quite reasonable)
* Has provided the transfer of land form for the titles office, and specifies our house number (YAY !)
* Pre-filled out the FHOG paperwork ready to be signed and sent back

Good to see they're worth their salt, and now we just have to get the scribble in the right places, send it back and wait - again :)

By the way, the broker rang the other day to speak to Jason and wanted to know where we're at, and when will there be a date on the land settlement. We said, we're still waiting for that, and lo and behold, the conveyancer has spoken to Marriott Waters' solicitor, and they've said that due to inclement weather (go, Melbourne) and some upgrades they had to do in the civil works has slowed things down, so more likely an August/September settlement.

Doesn't phase us, we've got a roof over the head, I've got my new job (with better hours and more time to check on the build after I finish of a day !) - just hope the bank/Rawdon pattern works OK and nobody pulls out on us.

Still waiting for the 1st draft of the plans so we can get closer to the holy grail (contract) !

Dad's gone into hospital

FROM (17/4/09)
Found out early this morning (while I was at work), that my dad had taken a fall when he was at home, and had gone to Ballarat Base Hospital.

I spoke to him around 3:30am, he was
extremely groggy (morphine will do that !), and it appears he's broken it in 3 places, and has now got a plaster cast running from shoulder to wrist. It'sthe first time in my life I've spoken to him and not had the effervescent Dad I usually hear.

I've been in touch with my aunt (his sister), and his partner about Dad's condition. Basically, he got discharged today from the hospital, he's going back in 3 weeks for pins to help heal the breaks, plus he copped a lung infection while he was there, but they've run the blood tests and is all clear, taking a haul of anti-biotics home with him.

He's asked to not be inundated with visitors, but I know he's a bit stubborn when it comes to things like that (he's very much the "I'm fine" kind of person...), and I will drop in next weekend to see him, it's only 1.5 hours drive to just outside of Maryborough.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Today was the last day of the HIA Home Ideas Show in Melbourne, and got there around 1pm. Let's just say it was pretty busy, and for some reason there were a lot of stalls selling orthotics - ummm, what's that got to do with houses, and it made me feel old !!!!

It was good to get some brochures and ideas under the belt, although to be honest all the specials they had for the show only are only really good if your house is already built and you're replacing/adding things - for us, we haven't even got the land titled yet, so no value in storing something away until it's ready. But at least the brochure has all the websites, and a good reference for later.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Welcome to our world :)

This is the first time I've done a blog, so hopefully my memory will keep up and knock on the my brain and remind it to update this as regularly as possible !

Soon I'll post some pictures, but right now we're in the early throes of the house build - ie, we've bought the land, and have to wait for it to be titled.

More soon.