Saturday, March 20, 2010

Yes, We're Still Alive....

Sheesh, life catches up with you and THEN you update your blog !

If you've been following it in the past, and thought something went wrong - no, it didn't - but I have been running my own business about a week after that last post (December 8th onwards, and don't regret it !) - and updating a blog has been pretty low on the list of things to do.

So, we have been graced with a housey-looking house - we're almost at lockup (as of Saturday March 20th, according to the carpenter who we met on site accidentally !).

Things seem to be going quite well, we've been keeping an eye on things with photos and the like just in case there's a reason to dispute - but of course according to the builder "you're not on the site are you ?" - so we'll be doing a walkthrough with the SS hopefully this week so I can pick up on the things I've noticed, like:

* My studio having 95% acoustic batts, there's a few standard ones, and there's a few errant soundproof batts in other walls

* Some mortar issues on a couple of bricks

* Where the walls meet each other (90 degree angle) - they've put a foam separator in (not sure what it's called) - does that get filled up with something ? It looks weird at the moment, and large gaps in the angles.

Apart from that, the house is looking good, our neighbours on the left are Rawdon (and are pacing us), the ones on the right (PD) have moved in and we're organising that fence pretty soon.

Another good thing - there's 4 Rawdon's almost in a row on Boland Drive - that's faith :)

Pics coming soon, just have to upload them, and staying at Jason's parents place with a little 3G stick is not the best way to do it :(

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