Saturday, November 7, 2009

Almost ready....

It's been a while between posts hasn't it ?

That's what happens when you have a few things going in life :)

Anyways, a brief update as to what's going on :

* We had a final contract/drawing meeting a couple of weeks ago - the 'last chance' to change anything without incurring any variation fees.  The only thing to do was to add a switch which would become a two way with the inside near the front door so the verandah light could be switched on from either side - ideal if you're coming home in the dark :) Only cost $55 !

* Site costs came in $1,400 less than thought, so we've now put a Decro door in - made by Steel-line, and a step above a Colorbond door with a wood type finish.  Ours is in Auburn, and will complement the Austral Canterbury bricks and the general tone of the house. 

* Jason spent a good hour and copped a few blisters doing a site clean up last weekend - nice job too ! The bulk of it was at the back of the property, and it's now far shorter (and goes about a metre past the boundary, so the back neighbours better thank us !!!).   The front embankment is also neater.

Thanks for Hels'n'Greg from the HomeOne forum for the lend of the whipper snipper - but it became too big a job for it in the end.

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